Sunday, September 20, 2015

An Abstract Print

My wardrobe is in dire need of more tops so I decided to make this self-drafted top.  I first saw this colorful abstract print knit jersey fabric made into a beautiful jumpsuit on the blog, Erica Bunker DIY Style.  So I was quite happy to come across it at the Mood Fabrics store in New York City.

This fabric was very stretchy in both the crosswise and lengthwise grain with great recovery.  Since I need darts even in knits for tops to fit properly, I used my usual technique for sewing darts on knits.

Once I basted the side seams together, I discovered the darts were too high!  Yikes!  I think the lengthwise recovery pulled the dart up more than I thought it would. So I took apart the basting and moved the dart down to its proper location.  Unfortunately, this skewed the dart take-up so much that I would not be able to catch it in the seam.  Pondering what to do, I remembered I once made a chiffon blouse where I serged the dart so there would be no dart take-up visible on the right side, only a neat thin line.  It occurred to me I could serge this dart thereby cutting off the unruly dart take-up.  I then was able to catch the dart in the side seam - whew:

I always use the coverstitch feature of my serger for hems on knit tops.  In this case, I wanted the double needle stitching on the right side to match the orange background.  I did not want to purchase 3 cones of orange serger thread so what I did was fill a bobbin with the thread for one of the needles and use a thread spool for the other needle.  For the looper thread underneath, I used a red cone of serger thread I had in my stash.  I stitched some samples to make sure the red looper thread did not show on the right side and luckily it did not.  (If it had, I would had filled another bobbin):

The days are still warm here in the northeastern U.S. but fall is just around the corner and only a few days away on the calendar.  The humidity and temperature are lower and the sun is setting earlier so I will soon be wearing fall jackets and sweaters.  I will definitely use this top underneath for a pop of color.

Happy sewing!

Saturday, September 5, 2015

ETA Sew Expo 2015

The ETA Sew Expo 2015 was held in Rutherford, NJ from August 28 to August 30 at the Renaissance Hotel on Stuyvesant Avenue.

I took a total of 6 classes.  All of the classes were informative taught by leaders in the sewing industry.  Oh, it was so much fun to be surrounded by like-minded creative sewing people!

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by the wonderful Peggy Sagers of the pattern line Silhouette Patterns.  It is thanks to her this wonderful event came to the NJ/NY area for the 3rd time.  I am looking forward to next year.

Peggy is wearing a leather jacket she made from Silhouette Patterns #1955.  I am wearing a jean jacket I made from  Silhouette Patterns #900.

For those of you who attended last year, you may remember the lobby of the Renaissance Hotel was under construction.  However, the lobby has since been completed.  The lobby is beautiful, very spacious with lots of light.

Lobby of Renaissance Hotel

These light fixtures look like bubbles to me!

The vendor hall was only one room but there was still plenty there to do some damage.  I purchased a  book, interfacing and pattern by Pamela Leggett; some stay tape and fabric from Emma Seabrooke.

Pamela Leggett at her booth with her new book
Sewing Essentials Serger Techniques.
  You can find it on Amazon.
Emma Seabrooke at her booth selling stay tape, fabrics and notions.
You can check out her fabulous stay tapes at SewKeysE .

Tailoring supplies
Beautiful hand dyed fabrics by Sherry Searcy

 All of the classes were excellent.  I walked away from each one having learned something new.
Carol Steinbrecher of Style Solutions
showed us how to think of our wardrobes in "clusters"

Andrea from the blog knit-knac
examining some leathers after Peggy's leather class
 Lorraine Henry talking about fit

Pamela Leggett showing us how to pad a dress form

Not mentioned above but also in attendance and teaching were Kathy Ruddy and Anne St. Clair.

Of course, it's always fun to spend time with Amardeep who has a hilarious sense of humor:

The cutest doll size ensemble
 made by Lois Anderson of the ASDP (NJ Chapter)
Association of Sewing and Design Professionals
 (ASDP - NJ Chapter) At the table:  Jil Konopacki
Chapter Pres., Stephen Wisner, member

There also were two design challenges.  In one of the challenges, the winner took home $1,000!

The time went by so fast but I left feeling inspired and energized.  For those of you who have not yet attended this expo, be sure to visit next year.

Happy sewing!